Roulette Display – 32″




Roulette Display – 32″

Product Features:

  • Stunning Wheel Graphics:
    The constantly-rotating virtual wheel is beautifully rendered in rich graphic detail.
  • Instant Number Detection:
    The winning number is detected instantly via the overhead camera.
  • Slimline Double-Sided Profile:
    The slim, elegant profile of the double-sided display measures only 2.75 in depth.
  • Detailed Wheel Statistics:
    Hot numbers, cold numbers, red/black, odd/even, and many more statistics are displayed continually.
  • Custom Hardware Options:
    Available in gold or silver anodized metal finish, with choice of plexiglass trim color.
  • Works on any Wheel:
    The display is configurable for any wheel type (Huxley, Cammegh, 0/00, traditional or scalloped pockets).
  • Table Limits:
    Show different table limits via plug and play flash drives.


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